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Services Offered


Pre-Production, Recording, Engineering. Shawn spends his time getting to know the artists he works with, as well as the songs!! Together they decide how to best build the song to fulfil the artists' goals. Rates vary project to project, please contact!


Lets write! Shawn has many co-writers from all over North-America. He also specializes in track/demo building. Demo rates vary project to project, please contact!

Mix Engineer:

Trained at The Blackbird Academy in Nashville TN, Shawn specializes in mixing for any project. He can deliver whatever competitive, radio-ready mixes in a timely manner!

Rates vary depending on the project, please contact for rates!

Session Drummer:

Shawn has played professionally for many years, both live and in the studio! Shawn can also record remote tracks in his studio for any project around the world! Rates vary depending on number of songs, location, etc. Please contact!


Phone: 519-503-1229


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